We’re proud to be based in the town of San Luis de Sabinillas and specialise in selling properties in Sabinillas, Duquesa and the region of Manilva. It still remains a fairly traditional Spanish area, where traditions are strong and community is important. Yet, it has embraced a large number of international residents and really made us feel welcome. This leads to a very interesting blend of cultures, where we all enjoy the influence of foods and traditions from around the world and all nationalities can feel at home.

A wonderful example of just how diverse the population is here, is the annual Manilva International Festival, which took place this month. Held in the beautiful Castillo de la Duquesa between the 17th and 19th of May, it is a yearly celebration of diversity, culture and acceptance. This year it featured a staggering 24 different nationalities, showcasing their traditions, culture and fantastic food.

It started with a parade of all the nationalities represented, proudly waving their flags through the streets of Sabinillas and the port of Duquesa before arriving at Castillo de la Duquesa. Seeing all the different flags flying, was a beautiful representation of all the nationalities which now call Manilva home.

Visitors were able to sample food and enjoy singing and dancing from countries including Ukraine, Nepal, Spain, UK, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Romania, Italy, Paraguay, Brazil, Philippines, Cuba, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela and more. The three-day event really showcased the variety and richness of the international community and how the locals have embraced and welcomed us.

Living in Sabinillas, Duquesa or Manilva

This diversity makes moving to the Manilva area much easier. It’s easy to find people from your country, who speak your language and understand where you’re coming from. There’s a very strong British presence in Duquesa Port and the surrounding urbanizations. There, British expats will be able to find a taste of home, with lots of English spoken, but with the fantastic weather of Spain. There’s no wonder so many British look to buy property in Duquesa.

But also, it’s fascinating to make friends with people from all over the world and learn about their countries. When you buy property in Manilva, especially up in the village, you can really integrate with the Spanish community, and be part of lots of wonderful celebrations and events, which are 100% Spanish.

Moving to this area, allows you to open the door to many opportunities for cross cultural learning and interaction. For example, there are many language exchange groups where people meet to practice their language skills and make friends. There are also regular trips arranged by Manilva Town Hall and local groups and associations to explore Spain and engage in local traditions. Look out for trips organized by the Foreign Residents Department and the Culture Department of the Town Hall and also the association Vecinos y Amigos.

Recent trips have included a day at the feria of Jerez, the festival of the patios in Cordoba and visits to Iznajar, Lorca, Plaza Mayor and many more. Annual highlights also include a trip to see the Christmas lights in Malaga. All of these trips are excellent opportunities to meet people, get to know your area with the safety net of an organized agenda, and make the most of your new life in the sun.

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International Community in Sotogrande

But it’s not just the Manilva region that’s a hot spot of diversity and international living. Sotogrande recently showed the incredible mix of nationalities represented by families at the Sotogrande International School at their annual Festival of Nations in May.

There were 19 different countries represented, with parents cooking up their favourite dishes to share with the crowds. Many came in their traditional dress and shared information about their home countries too and it was a great way for families to come together and share their customs and their food with the community. Highlights included delicious food from India, Mexico, Germany, Argentina, Morocco, North America and France.

The school is one of the best international schools in the country and is bringing families from all over the world to the area. This is an exclusive area, best known for the beautiful countryside and low density building, excellent golf courses, polo and sailing. Properties in Sotogrande include large villas, and luxury apartments, there is also a lot of land available to purchase to build your own property, which is increasingly becoming a popular option.

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