Gibraltar is a hub for finance and online gaming and has a lot of excellent job opportunities for native English speakers. It’s a very interesting mix of English and Spanish, with excellent links to international companies and salaries which are more on a par with the UK than Spain.

Properties in Gibraltar are very expensive and hard to get and most people feel claustrophobic on living on The Rock the island and prefer the great food, culture and laid-back way of life that you can enjoy over in Spain.

By working in Gibraltar but living in Spain, you really can have the best of all worlds with a good career with prospects, plus the wonderful Spanish lifestyle. Just make sure you get advice on the tax situation before you make a final choice.

If you feel that Spain is the best place for you, where’s the best place to choose?

In this article, we’ll look at the popular commuter areas for international residents living in Spain and working in Gibraltar, to help you choose the right place for you.

Commuting from Spain to Gibraltar

There aren’t reliable or frequent enough public transport links to be able to rely on if you are commuting into Gibraltar, so most people drive. Now that the tunnel under the motorway has been completed, travelling in by car is easier. However, many people drive to La Linea, park close to the border and then walk over, catching a bus the other side, to avoid issues with traffic and parking in Gibraltar itself. Another popular option is to get a moped, which is easier to take into central Gibraltar, navigate any traffic and find parking.

The western Costa del Sol is the preferred place to live for people who work in Gibraltar. It keeps the commute as short as possible and offers excellent value for money with long-term rentals or properties for sale. The furthest you’d want to travel from long-term would be Estepona, but at an hour either way and with the boarder to navigate, many people focus their search between Sabinillas and San Roque, which reduces the commute significantly. Within this area there is a massive variety of property types and communities, and we’d definitely say there is something for everyone.

Let’s take a look at the most popular areas and give you a feel for each.

San Luis de Sabinillas

Known as Sabinillas or Sabi for short, this seaside town is a 40-minute commute away from Gibraltar. It’s got everything you would need on the doorstep with supermarkets, banks, schools, health centres and dentist and lots of great restaurants and bars. Although not the most picturesque of towns, nor the most affluent, it has a good choice of affordable properties and probably the most complete choice of facilities within commutable distance of Gibraltar.

There are a wide range of properties in Sabinillas, with lots of apartments and townhouses available and some villas and larger properties. Our office is located in Sabinillas, so make sure you come and say hello if you’re in the area. Find our office 

Duquesa Port

Just a five-minute drive along the coast you will find the pretty port of Duquesa and the popular residential communities up the hill behind the port itself. Duquesa is a great choice if you want to make the most of the bars, restaurants and nightlife and have a strong English community on your doorstep. Properties in Duquesa are varied, with apartments in the port itself, and townhouses and villas in the residential communities around the golf course. If you don’t speak Spanish and want to feel comfortable with lots of familiar sights and sounds from home, this is a great place to choose.


A ten-minute drive from Sabinillas will bring you to the very different feeling area of Torreguadiaro. This is a small community which is concentrated around a high street, with lots of great restaurants and residential developments along the coast and up the hills behind the high street. There’s a great vibe in the evenings and lunchtime and you can have some very refined tapas and good wine in a chic atmosphere. Properties in Torreguardiaro consist of apartments and townhouses in the centre and on the coast, and villas and detached properties up in the hills.


Sotogrande is a very affluent area, with a number of different zones and areas. Just by Torreguadiaro you’ll find Sotogrande Port, which is beautiful and a hub for sailing and socialising. There are lots of properties on the marina itself and some even come with a mooring. Drive a little further towards Gibraltar and you’ll get to the community of Pueblo Nuevo, with its church, school, football and rugby club and bars and restaurants. Keep going further to hit Sotogrande proper, and find yourself among the wide boulevards and beautifully kept gardens and golf courses in this exclusive area. It is famous for having some of Spain’s best golf courses and for being a centre for polo and horse riding, there is also an excellent international school.

Properties in Sotogrande are stunning and if you’re looking for larger properties, with gardens and tranquillity, it’s a great choice, just over 30 minutes’ drive from Gibraltar. There are lots of large and glamourous villas, stunning new build developments of townhouses and luxury apartments and land available to buy and build your own property.

San Roque

San Roque is a pretty Andalusian town, with a nice old town and newer areas, surrounded by lovely countryside. Just 20 minutes from Gibraltar, it has everything you need within easy reach and is a vibrant Spanish town with excellent sports facilities. San Roque is also the municipality which includes Sotogrande and Torreguardiaro. The San Roque Golf Club boasts two championship golf courses and is a great choice for anyone looking for golf properties. Other properties in San Roque include apartments and town houses in the town itself and villas and fincas in the surrounding countryside.

Santa Margarita

One of the closest developments to Gibraltar, built with commuters in mind, Santa Margarita offers town houses and detached and semi-detached houses for sale and for rent.

La Linea 

The town of La Linea borders Gibraltar and has struggled with a bad reputation over the years. This has kept commuters away from the area, despite the amazing beaches, marina and proximity to Gibraltar. However, the Town Hall is trying to clean up the town and improve the facilities and it’s worth taking a look at properties in La Linea and making up your own mind, particularly if you’re not sure if you want to drive.

Let us help you find the best properties to commute into Gibraltar

You can count on C2C Properties to guide you around the western Costa del Sol and help you choose the property and the area which best suits you. We have long-term rentals and properties for sale and will take the time to listen to your requirements and match you with the best that’s available. We’re a licensed real estate agent located in Sabinillas, with 20 years’ experience. We love the area and know you will too! Contact us today to discuss your needs.